This workshop talks about Why & How you can build a strong business identity, and ensuring your business to go well and sustainable.

LEAP is an abbreviation for Leveraging Entrepreneurial Actions
Program, a mini-workshop initiative which was proposed by Insight Out to build a strong organization value or identity as the foundation and the main element for business to grow far.

The topic of the freemini-workshop is “Building Business Identity”. It is designed for entrepreneurs who have just started or thinking of starting a business or even who wants to reflect back their organisation’s identity and purpose. We believe that a strong organization is an organization with a strong vision, missions, and values, which impact not only internally, but as well externally. Those elements will ensure the organization to grow far.
The objective of this workshop is to ensure that participants have superb ideas and tools to have strong core identity and purpose. This workshop is designed to be practical, interactive and solution-oriented.
This event is a collaboration event between Insight Out and TierSpace.